Iwikoor Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing / Renovating

Iwikoor's Kitchen and Bathroom refinishing/renovation process;

Step One:

Creating a safe work environment: The safety of our clients and technicians is paramount. We take the appropriate steps required to ensure the surrounding areas and furnishings are properly protected. We exhaust the working area and ensure there is never any overspray, we also wear protective suits and full faced fresh air masks. The illustration above is a floor to ceiling Zip wall which completely encloses the work area.

Step Two:

Preparing the surface: A rigorous cleaning process is undertaken to adequately prepare the surface for refinishing, industrial strength cleaners, designed to remove soap film, body oils, silicone and hard water deposits. Any chips and marks that require repairing will be repaired, cabinets and bench-tops sanded and any inadequate silicon is removed. Finally, the surface is cleaned one last time, in preparation for step three.

Step Three:

Permanent Bonding process: The Glas-Tech 9000 system has a proprietary chemical bonding process, which was developed by the Hawks Laboratory and has been used in the USA and Australia and has been proven to be the leading refinishing system for over 30 years. It was specifically designed to provide results in superior adhesion and better longevity than any other finish in the market.

Step Four:

Applying the new finish: Two coats of Primer, then three topcoats of Glas-Tech 9000 is applied. This system provides a high performance finish which delivers outstanding wear resistance and performance - I have seen it at work, it literally 'rises' to the challenge, creating a true, "porcelain" effect.

Step Five:

Using the new finish: Glas-Tech 9000 is an ambient, cured, system and is touch dry within hours of application, without the need for lamps or other artificial curing mechanisms. The new surface is generally ready for use 24 hours after completion, however to ensure you preserve your beautiful "new" finish, it is imperative that you do not use abrasive cleaners, rubber mats or stickers. We provide you with a 'care and maintenance' list of do's and don'ts at the completion of your job.

Step 6:

Sit back, relax and enjoy your newly refinished/renovated Kitchen or Bathroom.



Iwikoor Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing / Renovating

Iwikoor Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing / Renovating

Iwikoor Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing / Renovating This illustration shows the fully taped areas inside the fixed paneling - every surface that is being refinished is first primed with Glas-Tech 4000 Primer / Resin.

Iwikoor Kitchen and Bathroom Refinishing / Renovating Chosen Stone Fleck colour is then applied by an application process of 6 coats.